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Our first school airplane!   Red and white exterior, and red and white interior.  This aircraft is extremely popular and has untold numbers of new pilots to its credit.



  • Flat Metal Custom Instrument Panel with Post Lighting
  • Late Style Horizon and DG
  • Bendix King KMA 24 Audio Panel with Marker
  • King KX155 Nav/Com (2)
  • King KR87 ADF
  • King KN64 DME
  • King KT76A Transponder
  • Sigtronics Intercom
  • Check List
  • Weight & Balance


  • Student pilot certificate or better with CFI endorsement
  • Minimum one hour checkout with Vista Air instructor and written questionnaire
  • Cost:
    • All prices include fuel and are based on Hobbs Time
    • $107 per hour (Regular Rate)
    • $101 per hour (*Block Rate)
    • * To qualify for the Block Rate, the renter or student must make an initial deposit of $1,000 and maintain a minimum of $500 in their account.