A Discovery Flight is the first step into the exciting world of aviation. Whether you’re just curious about what it’s like to fly a small airplane, or have the goal of a lifelong aviation career, a discovery flight at Vista Air will introduce you to all the thrills aviation has to offer.


What type of aircraft will I fly?

You’ll fly one of our Cessna 172s. Please see our fleet page for pictures and more information. All our training aircraft have dual controls, meaning both the student and the instructor can control the aircraft.


May I bring a friend or family member?

No, a discovery flight is for one person.


Where will I fly?

You will take off from Whiteman Airport and stay relatively close. Generally, within a 20 mile radius.


Will I have to do the takeoff and landing?

No, the instructor will demonstrate the takeoff and landing.


Are there any age restrictions?

Discovery flights are best suited to students age 15 and up, but younger students are welcome and encouraged. Students under age 18 will need permission from a parent or guardian. There are no age restrictions to begin flight training. The FAA requires a student pilot to be at least 16 years old to fly solo and at least 17 to earn a private pilot certificate.


Are there any height or weight restrictions?

Yes, but we can accommodate most customers with the right combination of aircraft and instructor. Please check with us if you have any concerns. The cockpits of general aviation aircraft tend to be small. Height is not usually an issue unless you are very tall. Weight can be more of an issue. Generally, a pilot should weigh less than 275 pounds for a four-seat airplane, but we may be able to accommodate customers outside this range. In a four-seat airplane, the pilot and instructor’s combined weight, along with fuel load, will influence the maximum weight of passenger.


Are Reservations Required?

Yes, please call ahead to schedule your discovery flight. We can sometimes accommodate same-day requests. Scheduling a few days to a week ahead of time is best.


What if the weather is poor for flying on the day of my flight?

We will call you to reschedule the flight in case of inclement weather. You are welcome to check with us by calling the office.