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Expanding our Training Equipage. Redbird LD Flight Simulator

Vista Air's Redbird LD Flight Simulator

We are excited to announce that we got our REDBIRD LD Flight Simulator.
Expand your training capabilities and keep your skills sharp. The versatile Redbird LD is the perfect solution for our flight school and individual pilots that need the power of a Redbird simulator. Like the FMX and SD, the LD is FAA certified as an Advanced Aviation Training Device and comes equipped with all of the standard features of a Redbird SD, but without a cockpit enclosure and pilot seats.
Vista Air's Redbird LD Flight Simulator
Vista Air’s Redbird LD Flight Simulator being flown by our Flight School Manager Justin.
The Redbird LD is ideal with its wrap-around visuals, realistic feedback flight controls, and interchangeable cockpits. It’s a fantastic addition for the individual pilot dedicated to maintaining instrument currency and keeping skills sharp when they can’t be flying the real thing. It’s also ideal when practicing emergency procedures during your training.
All Prices Included are Based on Hobbs Time: $80 per/hour
 Stay tuned for more updates!
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